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A vision for a Brighter Future is here.

This discussion with our QHS Ambassadors is about the SHIFT UNDERWAY, with Will Barney, Alex Collier and Ron Giles, bringing clarity and better understanding, and literally breath to everyone. This wonderful conversation will feed your soul during the harsh times we live in. Please feel free to share with others.

Each of these three gentlemen live lives committing to humanity. To health, healing, and bringing prosperity and abundance in all good things.

* Alex Collier is an author, speaker, and eloquent soul with a message that everyone will love to hear.  He has a brilliant photographic memory and a lifetime of pursuits in global/galactic adventures. He is a delight to listen to.

* Ron Giles is an author, speaker and "overseer of Love Won Society," a vision downloaded to him over 6 years. Ron has had revelations for decades prior of this vision of a massive Shift to Abundance that Love Won Society is supporting. The Love Won Society's vision has captured tens of thousands of good people's imagination and commitment to participate.

* Will Barney has been a speaker and author focused on the RV GCR, helping to educate millions about the Global Shift underway and the opportunities for the few hundreds of thousands seeking to take a Leadership Position in this Shift to Abundance.

Will, Ron and Alex all share a passion for helping this beautiful world.

Ron Giles invites you to join QHS with a very special gift of a REDUCED ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION FEE in Divine Scripture, the Nonprofit Private Member Association making everything “QHS” possible. Quantum Healing Systems is the technology being studied among QHS Members today.

The regular price of $1200 is reduced to $400 and available until January 1, 2024. This lower Annual Subscription Fee will be your Legacy Membership for years to come! A priceless Gift!

Join thousands of Members as we discover that FREQUENCY IS EVERYTHING!

QHS Projects all involve Quantum Twine Wave Effect™ frequencies in:

  • QTWave®
  • QTW-HHS – Home Healing System
  • QHR – Home Replicator
  • And more to come!