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At the forefront of innovation, Divine Scripture® is making Quantum Twine Wave Effect® technologies accessible to everyone, everywhere in the world. At Divine Scripture®, we believe that every member has the potential for optimal health and well-being. We're dedicated to making this a reality, and we work tirelessly to support our members every step of the way. Quantum Healing Systems is breaking down barriers and revolutionizing the world of wellness. Join us in our mission to unlock the power of quantum technologies and unleash the full potential of your health!
Get ready to rev up your health with the Quantum Twine Wave Effect®! We've just finished our first year and with Member feedback, and now we've passed version 50+ creating the ultimate QTWave® in this Proof-of-Concept Study Trial. But don't just take our word for it, our Members are ecstatic about the incredible results they're seeing. Say goodbye to traditional healing methods and join the movement bringing a brighter, healthier future with innovative technologies..
Are you ready to be a part of something truly revolutionary? Our audacious goal is nothing less than changing the world and leaving a lasting legacy of miracles to carry humanity for generations to come. We're not satisfied with just making an impact today; we want to create a shift that will endure for thousands of years. With a bold vision and a team of dedicated innovators, we're pushing the boundaries of what's possible and reshaping the future as we know it. Join us in our mission to create a better tomorrow and leave a legacy that will be remembered for centuries to come!
Quantum Twine Wave Effect®

"Frequencies carry information that can either promote healing and health, or induce weakness and illness."

Our Quantum Twine Waves are perfectly balanced healing frequencies, delivered exactly where they are needed.

Every bio-electric body part, every single cell, has a frequency signature, a code within a code, and all these frequencies are affected daily.

Balancing the harmonics of bio-electric bodies is the key to correction for every ailment and for perfect health. To achieve this mastery, we must alter the frequencies that impact not only the body, but the mind, brain, energetic system, the lymphatic system, and the five body systems. The Quantum Twine Wave is doing exactly this.

  • Drop in Pressure

    I have had high blood pressure 190/90 for years. After using the QTWave device for a couple of weeks my blood pressure is 120/70 and no more medication.

  • Smiles of Gratitude

    Every day I see positive change in my husband's stage 4 bone cancer. His leg strength is coming back.

  • A Life Saver

    Enjoying better ease of movement and deep, deep sleep! My QTWave device has saved my life! Seriously.


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 Divine Scripture®
The QHS Project, an umbrella covering all things QUANTUM, and each a beautiful project that serves humanity.
 This Nonprofit Humanitarian Association is the perfect vehicle to bring a community of like-minded people together to support the launch of exciting new technologies.

We are making it possible for every one of our Members to benefit from exciting new technologies as part of a Proof of Concept Study starting with QHS - Quantum Healing Systems®, Quantum Twine Wave Effect®, the QTWave®, the QTW-HHS®, and the QArc®, which are all examples of projects underway in Divine Scripture's® Member supported Proof of Concept Studies.

The ultimate goal of Divine Scripture® is Health for everyone, hope, prosperity, and a new paradigm for doing business throughout the world.

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