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Ready to Catch The First Wave?

Join the First Wave—a new, exclusive segment of QHS members who are the first to experience the ascension of QHS. As a member of the First Wave, you'll gain front-row access to the most groundbreaking event in history: the Shift in Every System on this planet, proving that Frequency is Everything.

Discover the Power of Frequency:

  • Healing through Frequency
  • Energy derived from Frequency
  • Food and Drink transformed by Frequency
  • Every consumable reimagined with Frequency
  • Transportation revolutionized by Frequency

As part of the First Wave, you will participate in Proof-of-Concept Trial Studies by invitation. This new direction for QHS Projects emphasizes commitment, authenticity, and prioritized results with absolute, unquestionable outcomes.

Embrace this opportunity to witness and contribute to the Quantum Shift, facilitated by Divine Scripture. We appreciate your help in sharing the Divine Scripture Annual Membership with your network who might benefit from joining.

QHS Membership is a true community and includes Live Zoom Meetings and a Shift to the New You. Video calls take place every day, Monday through Friday: Qi Quest Journey, Waves of Wellness, Vibe Tribe, WoW Can Cook, WoW Can Breathe, Volunteer Call, and Q&A Call; all accessed through the Website. Members have access to private Blogs and Member Testimonials and so much more!

This First Wave membership does not include a QTWave device. We are moving into several new Proof-of-Concept Trial Studies with new technology that is presently in development. All Members have an opportunity to participate - and validate that Frequency is Everything.

QTWave V9+ devices will be provided at no additional cost to FIRST WAVE Members participating in these PROOF-OF-CONCEPT trials.

It’s more than a membership—it’s a journey into the future. Complete the form below and secure your place in this transformative movement.


Please carefully read and understand the following terms before proceeding with your annual subscription to QHS:

  1. Annual Membership Fee: This subscription is for an annual subscription. You will be provided the opportunity to renew in 12 months. THERE IS NO AUTOMATIC RENEWAL.
  2. Quantum Twine Wave Device IS NOT INCLUDED: No device is included in a First Wave Membership. Once we begin the next Phase Study Trials you will have the opportunity to participate.
  3. Refund Policy: Refunds are only available within the first 72 hours after purchase. No refunds will be issued after this period.

By continuing, you acknowledge and agree to these terms.

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72-Hour Cancellation Policy:
You have 72-hours to cancel the Annual Subscription Fee. You can choose to cancel for any reason with this time frame.

Refund Policy:
Refund Policy 2.1: No refunds on membership fees after 72-hours.

*No device included as a gift in a First Wave Membership.
Donations to Quantum Healing Systems® : Not a Purchase
We want to clarify that any donations made to Divine Scripture®  and Quantum Healing Systems® , whether they are for membership plans or personal contributions, are not classified as a purchase. We value every contribution we receive and are grateful for your support in helping us to advance our mission of bringing about wellbeing and transformation.

72-Hour Cancellation Policy:
You have 72-Hours to cancel the Annual Subscription Fee. You can choose to cancel for any reason with this time frame. 
We encourage you to carefully consider your decision to become a member and support this groundbreaking approach to health and healing through our Global Non-Profit Humanitarian project. Your contribution can make a tremendous difference in advancing our mission and bringing about positive change in the world. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration, and we look forward to welcoming you to our community.

The Newest Prototype
The QTW-HHS®  is our newest Prototype now being supported by Proof of Concept Donations. This unique device is not for sale, and access to information regarding this technology is only available to Quantum Healing Systems® Members.

Insider Access to Exclusive Information
As an annual subscription member of our Global Non-Profit Humanitarian project, you will gain insider access to exclusive information about the new technologies being developed and studied through our Proof of Concept Trials. Your membership offers a unique opportunity to stay up-to-date on the latest advancements and be a part of our transformative work in the world. Thank you for your support and dedication to advancing the field of health and wellness.